Pentecost Insights

Pentecost: The descent of the Spirit of God on the people of God to make real the reality of God. When the Spirit comes he comes with power and gentleness. When the Spirit comes he fills us with a sense of the Divine Presence of God inwardly and externally. When the Spirit comes, it is heaven interacting with earth. When the Spirit comes, there is a passion and fire that rests on and fills God’s people to declare his glory to all people. When the Spirit comes he disrupts our lives and transforms our lives. When the Spirit comes, he fills us with the reality of God and sends us out to take that reality to others. … More Pentecost Insights

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

The gift of Christmas is not just the historical event of the birth of Christ. It is the unfolding of the promise of God’s presence in our lives as we trust in Christ. This promise of his presence is fulfilled in the person of the Holy Spirit to all who believe. Yet how often do you think of the Holy Spirit? … More The Gift of the Holy Spirit