Hope Rising

Hope Rising does not sugarcoat the stark realities of the world or the individual circumstances each of us may be facing. But it does tell real stories of hope rising from around the world, even from what seem to be the most hopeless situations. It’s also a call to each of us to bring hope to a world in need. This is a 208-page book. 

The Basic Series

ServeNow works with over 3,000 churches, in 23 languages, to provide 31 booklets called “The Basic Things You Need to Know.” These foundational discipleship resources result in people grasping the essentials of the faith for the first time! Each copy sold directly helps national churches and leaders share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Coming Soon!

  • Serve as Jesus Would Serve, a 30 Day Devotional: Summer of 2021
  • Everything is Meaningless: Finding Purpose in a World of Despair: Fall of 2021

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