New Book Release!

I am excited to announce the launch of my third book, Navigating Disappointment: Finding Healing in a Broken World. Available on Amazon and endorsed by one of my favorite authors, John Eldredge, here is the back cover description:

Our world is full of sadness, trauma, and brokenness. Forces from within and without batter us daily. Even the most faithful followers of Jesus will, at some point, find themselves disoriented. How do we find our way through seasons of disappointment?

In Navigating Disappointment: Finding Healing in a Broken World, Ben Foley wrestles honestly with these challenging seasons of life and charts a way forward. Drawing on examples and insight from key characters and passages, especially from Scripture, we, too, can find healing for our lives and the world today.

Disappointments are often the most challenging part of life, and faith to navigate well. Precious few honest resources are available to help us through those potential faith crisis moments and situations. This book is relevant to everyone’s life at some point and the world in general over the last couple of years, especially. From the reality of war to expectations not aligning with reality, to prayers not being answered as hoped, to shattered dreams, this book guides us through those challenging moments in a tender and compassionate manner.

Order your copy today here: Navigating Disappointment: Finding Healing in a Broken World.

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