Everything is Meaningless

Pre-order for my second book is now available: Everything is Meaningless: Finding Purpose in a World of Despair.

Allow me the opportunity to share a little about the book, five reasons to consider ordering a copy, and a few endorsements. Here is the official description:

“Do our lives matter? What is the point of so much of life when it is fleeting, temporary, and finite? Where can we find meaning, significance, and purpose?

In the follow-up to Hope Rising: Finding Hope in a Turbulent World, author Ben Foley takes an honest look at the despair and cynicism that characterize and plague our generation. From depression to the reality of injustice to the emptiness of pleasure, wealth, fame, education, and achievement, Everything is Meaningless wrestles with life’s philosophical and practical concerns. This book draws from the inspiration and insight of an oft neglected and misunderstood book of the Bible: Ecclesiastes.

Our despair and sense of meaninglessness can give way to the beauty, hope, and purpose found when we learn to live in light of eternity and our relationship with our Creator.”

While shorter than my first book, Hope Rising: Finding Hope in a Turbulent World, I worked longer and harder on this one. Here are some reasons to consider ordering and why I wrote it:

  1. Speaks to where many are at personally and culturally in a timely and relevant way.
  2. Tackles the hard questions of life head on: depression, meaning, injustice, racism, immigration, death, eternity, pleasure, wealth, riches, fame, education, poverty, and more.
  3. Contains practical wisdom for daily life amid the bigger philosophical questions of life.
  4. All proceeds go to serve those most in need worldwide via ServeNow.
  5. You will be challenged, provoked, hopefully encouraged and possibly cry some…but it will be good for your soul!


“As someone who shares in the struggles Ben outlines, I am grateful for the vulnerability he offers in his fight for joy over despair. We are a people of hope following a God of love who made us with purpose and for a life of meaning. This is a message, and an offer, the world desperately needs to hear.”

Tim McConnell: Lead Pastor and Author of Happy Church: Pursuing Radical Joy as the People of God

Everything is Meaningless sounds like a miserable book to read. However, Ben Foley masterfully turns it into a book that helps you through anything that feels meaningless to you and moves the book into a positive message of hope which can be applied to our own lives.”

Lars B. Dunberg: President Emeritus, ServeNow

“The secret is out. Everyone has down times that challenge our calling and purpose. I have. Ben beautifully surfaces the issues, putting word to feelings and a mirror to our soul. His practical solutions are rooted in scripture and reality. Drink deep and be refreshed.”

Jerry White, PhD: International President Emeritus: The Navigators, Major General, United States Air Force (Retired).

“Just as the Church worldwide is not inoculated to destructive forces such as: disease, poverty, political whims and agendas, author Ben Foley reveals that the Church is likewise vulnerable to prevailing philosophical influences resulting in a form of Nihilism and meaninglessness. This threat to faith imposes its damaging opposition to purpose and proper perspective, especially during challenging seasons in life. Ben reveals this reality through the Scriptures and personal experience providing a response that restores significance, purpose and meaning!”

Pastor Ronnie Wilson: Gathering Stones Community Church, Founder Liberty Tree Academy

“The beauty of Everything Is Meaninglessis that Ben Foley reveals and demonstrates that there is indeed meaning to be had in our aimless and chaotic world. Ben’s faith-filled thoughtfulness is contagious and leaves us encouraged and hopeful—and driven to fulfill our own destiny in God’s Kingdom.”

Ron Forseth: Vice President for Development Westfall Gold

“From meaningless…to meaningful. Foley courageously faces the paradoxes of life revealed by Ecclesiastes and allows his unique international and personal experiences to inform his culturally relevant applications of Scripture. “

Kendall R. Keeler: Author of Your Last 24: Preparing for the Inevitable

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