Floods: A Cry from Myanmar

In 2008 Cyclone Nargis devastated a country (Myanmar/Burma) that up to that point I had never heard of before. It was the worst natural disaster in Myanmar’s history. When I heard about this cyclone my heart felt like it was being “slammed” and “overwhelmed” with a compassion I have rarely felt before. I began to pray fervently for a door to open to go to Myanmar. That door opened and I have now been there several times, the most recent being a few months ago in April of 2015. God has given me a burden and vision for this beautiful yet broken down country. He has also provided a key connection (and now friends) within the country that we have been able to get to know personally, come alongside of and support in what the Lord has laid on their hearts.

During my most recent trip back in April, we spent time in a new part of the country that I had not been to before: Kalay Myo. Little did I know that fast-forwarding a few months, 70 villages in Kalay township would be underwater because of horrible floods. Over 150,000 people have been affected in Burma although that number is expected to become “significantly higher” as some of the worst affected areas can’t even be reached yet. These are the worst floods the country has seen in a long time. Below is part of an e-mail from my friend in Myanmar that I just received last night:

“This is a cry from Myanmar. As you all know, heavy rain has poured down to Myanmar for two weeks and now flooded every where. The flood destroyed roads, bridges, crops, houses and animals our people, especially in Kalay Myo area (my home town) and Chin Hills (my birth place).

Over 70 villages in Kalay township covered by water, and 40 villages in Chin Hills cut off by landslide. Our government does not really do anything except NGOs and individuals, churches etc. To repair bridges will take another 60 months to one year (according to our past experience). In some villages our own members have also lost their houses and belongings (including lives)…therefore, may I earnestly request your kind consideration to help Myanmar Flood effected areas.”

The most urgent need right now is rice, clean water, medicines and crops to plant food.

Would you help me help my friends in Myanmar?

We have the ability to quickly provide them the resources they need to meet the needs of the people they are seeking to help during this time. You can give a gift through our website: www.weservenow.org (put “Myanmar flood” in the comment section); or send a check to:

ServeNow, 5550 Tech Center Drive, Suite 302, Colorado Springs, CO 80923.

Even gifts of $10 can make a real difference in a families life and go a long way!

Here are also two news articles for your information, visual and to guide your prayers:



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