Put Away Your Sword!

One night recently, I laid down in bed, and I was flipping through the Bible, not really wanting to read anything, (yes, even preachers feel that way at times!!) but knowing I needed to just get into His Word and let the Spirit of God speak to me.  So I began praying for God to … More Put Away Your Sword!


Who doesn’t want peace and joy in their life? Well…there are some, I suppose, who seem like the only peace and joy they get or want is being miserable or seeing others miserable!  But that’s another subject for another time!  Most people want peace and want joy in their lives.  But many of us settle … More Revival

Hope in Darkness

It’s really quite amazing how the Bible speaks with such profound simplicity into modern-day issues.  Although on the other hand I guess that shouldn’t be amazing, as it is God’s Word and God is amazing! I’ve been spending a lot of my own time in Scripture and in preparation for a series of messages in … More Hope in Darkness

Victim or Victor?

Ever feel like things are turning out completely opposite of the way you imagined?  Ever been disappointed or disillusioned, depressed or discouraged over how life has or is turning out? I’ve been thinking about some stories in the Bible recently and my own life (and others) at certain times in certain things where this has … More Victim or Victor?