Eternal Reminders in Earthly Realities

School shootings. Movie theater shooting. Mall shootings. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Floods. Tornadoes. Wars. Rumors of war. Revolutions. All reminders that there is no person, no government administration, no king on earth that can solve the woes of the world. Yet some (and more will) continue to look for this one (anyone but Jesus Christ) and beContinue reading “Eternal Reminders in Earthly Realities”

There Were Two Prodigals

I think many people familiar with the parables (short stories to illustrate or communicate spiritual truth) that Jesus spoke, would agree that the story we refer to as (I think wrongly) the “prodigal son” found in Luke 15, is one of, if not the most, powerfully moving, beautiful parables He ever told. Although, on theContinue reading “There Were Two Prodigals”